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Db Equipment AS (Douchebags / Db / is a Scandinavian company that has established itself as a globally recognized brand within the sports fashion travel gear industry. Since its launch in January 2012, the company has built a worldwide community of travelers, both online and offline, and also delivered a 200% revenue growth from year to year. The company is an agile and curious start-up in all aspects of the operation and is driven by a young tight-knit team of passionate and ambitious creators.

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Why move to Oslo?

Oslo, the glorious capital of Norway and one of the more urban of the Scandinavian cities, is characterised by beautiful nature, urban sophistication and endless possibilities to explore the city and the rest of the country.  
Oslo provides opportunities to go hiking, skiing and exploring the city with all of its restaurants, cafes, and parks. 

Located just 20 minutes from the airport as well as having the central train station smack in the middle of downtown, Oslo is also a great gateway to the rest of Norway as well as being a very international city.  You're just a short trip away from some of the most insane scenery you've ever seen and meeting some of the warmest and most adventurous people you'll ever meet (and yes, they do all speak English)! 

Want to see the Northern Lights? We got you. Want to go skiing, yup, we do that too.  Want to go to the beach, (you read that right), sure! How about an afternoon at the museum and then some shopping before you hit the town at night? Loads of options there.  

Oslo has it all - whether you are interested in sports, fashion, nature or an urban lifestyle. It's easy to see why we call it home