Db x Janni

If you're seeking a bag that goes above and beyond the average day-to-day wear, take a look at this. 
Travel queen Janni Olsson Deler is the designer behind the Db X Janni collection.  We wanted something different and unexpected, resulting in a light color and brushed copper details never done before at Douchebags. 
The line comes in our PU leather for long lasting quality and just the right look.


"I love traveling, and I love great design. I think that Douchebags combines design and function in the best possible way."

- Janni Olsson Delér

Having been a part of the Db family since the beginning, Janni has always been involved in our design process to one extent or another.  Therefore, when we decided it was time to tailor more for the women in the family it was only natural that the ever dedicated and fashion-forward Janni Olsson Delér be involved in the process.  Right away a collaboration took shape and we were overflowing with ideas.   

Lauren Bullen / @gypsea_lust

"It’s so hard to find such good quality and practical but still stylish luggage. This collection is everything I could ask for and more!"

- Lauren Bullen / @gypsea_lust

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