The Slim Jim Black Out
The Slim Jim Black Out

The Slim Jim

Lightweight Ski Bag
Slim Jim carries a single pair of alpine skis or several pairs of cross-country skis conveniently with length-adjustable technology.
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The Slim Jim Black Out
The Slim Jim Pure White
The Slim Jim Pine Green
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Return Policy

Free returns. Return within 60 days and get your money back.

Extended Warranty

Two years warranty on all of our bags. 
We promise that they will last.

Easy handling

Slim Jim is the lightest wheeled ski bag in the world.


The Slim Jim is fully foldable. While not in use, it easily rolls up into a handy-sized portable unit.

Length Adjustment System

With an easy buckle maneuver, Slim Jim can be adjusted to fit all different lengths of skis up to 210cm – ensuring that the bag always stays rigid for safe and comfortable transportation.


Technical specifications


One pair of alpine skis with poles, or
Several pairs of cross-country skis with poles

Width: 26cm / 10.2in
Height: 13cm / 5.1in
Maximum length: 216cm / 85in
Minimum length: 108cm / 42.5
Weight: 1.7kg / 3.7 lbs

Volume: 65 liters

Outer Shell: Polyester 900D / TEP 500D
(Arctic White: TEP500D all over)
Inner Lining: Polyester 600D

ABS protection ribs

PATENTED | PCT/IB2012/001599

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