Travel hacks with photographer Daniel Rönnback

A normal workday can also look like this: Leave Stockholm by car at 8 pm, get to Göteborg at 1 am and sleep until 7 am. Work in the studio for a solid 12 hours before returning to Stockholm by 2 am. Safe to say, Daniel Rönnback´s so called normal days are quite different from your normal 9 to 5 suit and tie job. Meet the photographer who lives in his travel bags and wakes up in new places every month. With about 300 travel days a year not only does he have quite an impressive amount of miles saved up on his bonus card, but he also has the top tips on how to deal with traveling.

1. Travel light (even when you have a lot of stuff)
It makes a huge difference to have bags that are lightweight and spacious. Every kilogram you save from the bag is extra stuff you can bring, and being on the road most of the time it´s nice to be able to bring a couple of different T-shirts. During wintertime I always travel with the Big Bastard, a 60L Hugger and The Douchebag.

2. Keep your stuff organized
What´s important when I travel is how my clothes and equipment are packed. I need to have everything well organized. I use smaller cloth bags to organize clothes, and a shock absorber inner bag (Camera ICU) to keep electronics and other small stuff safe. Being able to easily find what you´re looking for in your bag is one of the most important things when you basically live in it.

3. Learn how to relax when traveling
To be able to relax when traveling makes a huge difference. I use sound cancelling headphones that take away all the background noise from the plane and listen to calming music.

4. Use your long flights as office hours.
During long flights I always make sure to get some work done. I´m not big on sleeping while flying, so I make sure to answer e-mails, edit photos and catch up on my office hours.

5. Make your own food as often as possible, and bring the essentials.
I make sure to seize the opportunities I have to make my own food. When traveling, I end up eating a lot at restaurants and most of the ski resorts don´t offer very healthy food. The past year I´ve started traveling with protein powder and dried vegetables powder from Greens to make sure I get the correct nutrients.


6. Plan ahead for cheap travels, and share expenses if possible.
Book your flights as early as possible, and use a search engine to get the best deals. I always book with Star Alliance to leverage the benefits from being a member. Sometimes it can be cheaper to rent a car and live further away than staying in the middle of the ski resort. And renting an apartment with friends instead of a hotel room is another good option.

7. Don´t be picky when it comes to accommodation, and say yes to invites from friends or friends of friends.
I´ve slept in everything from couches, my ski bag or on my yoga mat on the floor to super comfortable beds in five star hotels. But nothing beats staying with friends. It´s both nicer and cheaper. You can make your own food, hang out during the evenings and actually get to know your friends better.

8. Choose smaller ski-resorts for better odds of finding fresh powder and stay away during weekends.
To go to smaller ski resorts is often a sure winner when it comes to finding untouched powder. Even just skiing during the week and avoiding the worst crowds gives a much better experience. Lately, I've started to go places I know the conditions are great. I´ve discovered that the extra cost of this is outweighed by the amount of skiing I get done and how this has made me a better skier. With that said, for me traveling is about seeing new places and experiencing new stuff so I always try to go somewhere new.


9. When you get to a new destination, ask a local.
The best way to experience a new place is together with a local who can show you the secret places to ski, the small restaurants and other hidden gems of the place you´re visiting. Find your local hero.

10. Find your own personal touch to bring when you travel to maintain a sense of routine.
The past five years I haven´t really had a home. Since I left Åre in Sweden I`ve been living in my two 120L Douchebags. I change between hotels, short-term apartments, friends' couches and guest beds. To feel at home I´ve started traveling with a French cafetièr to be able to make my own coffee in the morning. It´s the small things that makes the big difference when you´re constantly on the move.

11. To avoid jetlag get to bed early and rise with the sun.
I´ve never had a problem with jet lag, but I always try to follow the new time zone and get to bed at a proper time, not sleeping in.

12. Same way you choose your travel companions with care you should also put some thought into your travel luggage. 
Make sure the quality is good, that it´s lightweight and easy to use
I love the Big Bastard 90L from Douchebags. Since I basically live in my bag, this guy makes my everyday life easier and more organized.