Db x Jay Alvarrez 

This new special edition is for you thrill seekers out there who keep pushing the boundaries and pursuing dreams, to all of you who like to travel a lot, but always in style.

Explore the below and get to know Jay and learn how the new edition came to life. 

The Backpack Jay Alvarrez Edition


The Carryall 65L Jay Alvarrez Edition


Behind the collaboration

The Idea

Since Douchebags released its first limited PU leather edition Jay has travelled the world with his Douchebags. Sharing a background from action sports and travel the collaboration was set for a perfect match. "The brand's clean style and living-life-to-the-fullest attitude is very similar to my own," he says. “I loved the leather edition and that was where we started out when doing this new design.”

The Backpack Jay Alvarrez Edition


jay alvarrez

The Social Media Legend

The road has not always been straight forward for the Hawaiian-born model, Db friend and social media star Jay Alvarrez. He dropped out of school at the age of 15, and despite all the naysayers, he was convinced he could make money and a life worth living using his creativity and camera. With his eye for moving and still images he managed to jump on the social media wave early on. Jay grew with the rise of Tumblr, Vine, Instagram and YouTube, making a name for himself as a thrill seeker who documents his love of extreme sports and tropical locations. “I am definitely addicted to doing things that make my heart race and palms sweat,” says Alvarrez. He quickly racked up millions of views and followers on YouTube and across social media, all eager to see what he would do next – and he has yet to disappoint.

“All I can really encourage anyone to do is to trust your creativity and not let anyone around you influence your hopes. Do whatever you want in life" he says.  

He has a tattoo on his bottom lip that reads “Let's Live” which is something that personifies both Jay Alvarrez and this new collection. It captures everything we live for by not letting bad gear get in the way of any crazy idea or dream; it really is unapologetically badass.   

“When travel is your life, good bags are a key to making life easy. I'm pretty sure we’ve made the best travel bags in the game” says Alvarrez. 

The Carryall 65L Jay Alvarrez Edition


It’s all in the details

The Design

Jay’s inspiration from constant travels around the globe mixed with his style gave birth to this PU leather edition featuring white contrasting details making the bags stylish enough for even the pickiest of travellers.

The Db design team took inspiration from Jay’s lifestyle, tattoos and his ideas from the Simulation Theory. It’s from this theory Jay has found his favourite quote, “Less human. More being” as seen on the range.  This mentality quickly became a cornerstone when designing the details of the range as Jay is always looking to get out of mind and body.

With Douchebags’ expertise in durable bags, the premium black PU leather was juxtaposed with the pressed EVA front for extra endurance & structure. The well trained eye will also notice the updated stronger handles as well as a slightly adjusted Hook Up system for top notch fit and durability.

The newest Db family member

The Backpack

The Db x Jay Alvarrez line includes Douchebags’ newest bag - The Backpack - featuring all the necessities for the everyday traveller, including a padded laptop sleeve, spacious top pocket for quick access and smart inside mesh pockets keeping all the essentials in order. With two smart straps you can attach Db’s new Camera Insert with ease, making the switch from work to after work fly by. We dare to say that we’ve created the perfect backpack for photographers and vloggers who want to ace both style and functionality. 

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