Limited Leather Edition

A limited edition bold reimagining of the Db line. The black PU-leather bags with suede details is a strong new look to suit those brave enough to rock it.

The Douchebag

Traveling with ski or snowboard gear has never been easier. The unique and award-winning features make this bag the ultimate choice for the modern sports traveler.
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133 L Campaignproduct

Slim Jim

The world´s lightest wheeled ski bag. Bring your skis to the slopes with style and ease.
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134 L Campaignproduct
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Base 15L

Even the short daily commutes are travels too. Whether you are headed to school, work, or the gym, this functional backpack has got you covered.
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135 L Campaignproduct

Hugger 30L

Right in the intersection between durable boot bag, handy duffle and smart backpack, stands the Hugger 30L. This IATA approved carry-on loyally follows you anywhere you want to go.
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136 L Campaignproduct

Hugger 60L

The Hugger 60L is ideal for any weekend getaway. Traveling by car or train, this bag lets you bring whatever gear you need in a lightweight, stackable package.
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137 L Campaignproduct

Little Bastard 60L

Mid-sized wheeled travel bag with a sturdy construction and easy handling.
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Big Bastard 90L

Travelling for a long time, going far away, or just bringing a lot of gear? Get the Big Bastard 90L when you can´t leave anything behind.
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138 L Campaignproduct
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