New Urban Line

Introducing the bold new urban line from Douchebags. Inspired by adventure, fit for urban life; The Ace and The Artist are sophisticated and capable premium backpacks. Functional and fearless, they are a natural fit for our LA bound...
Db Brussel Low Res 1 21

The Tour and The Trail - become a beta tester

The Douchebag bike bags — The Tour and The Trail — remain a work in progress! In efforts to perfect our most ambitious bags yet, we are delaying their release and continuing to work alongside our ambassadors, designers and everyone...
Jessica Linder · May 23
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If our product is not the best solution out there, we will not launch it

This was the only precondition we had set to ourselves before we embarked on our latest and greatest challenge to date – to design the most badass bike bag the world has ever seen. And so we began. 
Jessica Linder · March 20

Learn to travel like a pro with photographer Daniel Rönnback

As a professional photographer constantly traveling the world with heavy and expensive equipment, Daniel should have a master’s degree in packing by now. So if you’re keen on traveling smart, listen to this experienced traveler’s number one tips: Travel light (even...
Iselin Næss November 27

Passionate people inspire us. They travel the world in the pursuit of adventure – pushing the limits of what they do and redefining what is possible. On this page we share the journeys of some of the people we are proud to call our Ambassadors.