The Limited J.O. Camo Edition

Our 2017 limited edition series was a tribute to the rebel, the adventurer,

and the game changer who also co-founded our company. 

Here's to the one and only Jon Olsson.

The legend

Jon Olsson

Skier, vlogger, car-enthusiast, product designer; Jon Olsson lives his life to extremes. With nine X Games medals, more than ten film appearances and countless other freeski accolades under his belt, his name is cemented into the freeskiing hall-of-fame. 

Jon now resides in Monaco, playing as hard as he works and shares every step of the way through social media and his vlog. His latest project saw him bring life to George the Rolls, a crazy 810hp car customized from start to end. 

... And along came the Camo bags.

The idea

Behind the pattern

After the craziest launch ever, we had a chat with Jon about how the idea behind the camouflage pattern came to life:

“The idea to use a camo look came back in 2006 when I was joking with a friend about how funny it would be if we drove a Lambo in the winter,” he says. The Swedish military inspired m90 camo design was just crazy enough to suit the concept. “It kind of became my signature and I kept developing the pattern and putting it on more and more stuff. I have done several one-off designs to highlight the shapes of cars, like with George. That’s what I love about camo, it truly changes how something looks in a drastic and cool way!”

The iconic winter camo made its way onto the Douchebags Base, Hugger 30L, Hugger 60L, Little Bastard, Big Bastard and Douchebag. 

“It sure is the craziest bag line I have ever seen, but I love how it stands out from a mile away.”

If you weren't lucky enough to get you hands on one of these bags, don't worry. There are always new and exciting projects coming up...