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Kevin Bäckström

In our latest campaign we give you a solid carved cheek structure and fierce hazel eyes.

Let us introduce Kevin Bäckström, a  25 year old snowboarder from Ulricehamn, Sweden.
He has been standing sideways since he was 4 years old.

In his early career he participated in heaps of contests but these days he commits most of his time awake filming awesome runs. His web series Beyond Medals that he produces with his main man Tor has reached a huge audience. Make sure to check it out!

During our shoot in Milan we took some time to ask Kevin about whats coming next. Keep scrolling! 

Where will you be based this winter?

I’ll spend most of my time in Laax, Switzerland. However, I'll also be travelling a great amount depending on where the snow is good.

Best stop this winter?

The best stop? Oh, don’t know yet, I guess we’ll have to wait and see haha. Japan never let’s me down.

Best pre-season park?

Saas Fee & Stubai has some insane pre-season parks.

Next film coming up?

I have been filming Transworld's snowboarding movie Arcadia all winter and it just recently got released on iTunes.  Don't miss it!
This winter we are making a new BYNDXMDLS movie so keep your eyes open.

Favourite place to snowboard?

Japan is one of my favourite places to ride pow and I love the culture over there. Laax definitely has the best park in the world. I would choose their park every day of the week.