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From Sweden to LA

Marcus is currently one of the world’s foremost parkour athletes and stuntmen; fearless, bold and immensely talented. Having practiced gymnastics since the age of seven, parkour was a natural transition for an intrepid teenage ‘Zyrken’. “I was invited to the first ever competition in Vienna Austria 2007,” he says, “and now, 10 years later, I’ve gained a pretty heavy resume and done a lot of cool projects!”

Currently still active as an athlete, Marcus has also added stuntman to his resume, living and working out of LA on a host of large budget film projects. From Sweden to LA, Marcus knows how to travel…

Where is your ideal travel spot?

I’ve been coming back to LA since I was 12 years old and I guess that’s why I decided to move over and make a career there! But I’m also a big fan of Tokyo, such a sick location! And Santorini is high on my list as well.

What can you not travel without?

Camera, I guess. I’m a person who likes to create content and wants to be able to look back on cool things I’ve done when I get older! 

Which bag is essential for your travels? 

 I started with The Hugger! But lately I’ve been using the Ace & Aviator more. Since I don’t need much equipment, I’m ok with just living out of my carry-on! 

What does a day in the life of Zyrken look like?

Haha! I’m not even sure myself… I try to get a freerunning session done in the morning hours and then come back to the computer. Editing and shooting content is also on the schedule. I’m in Sweden right now, then off to LA on Monday and Tokyo on Friday! So it all depends on what’s going on.

What is next for Marcus Gustafsson?

I’m going to go back to LA a few days, then Tokyo. I think I want to be in LA over the summer and get back to training and creating content! 

I am also going to a few stunt auditions! Honestly, I feel like I want to work as much as possible and do cool projects that I enjoy doing.