The Tour and The Trail - become a beta tester

May 23, 2017 by Jessica Linder

    The Tour and The Trail started as an idea to change the way people travel with their bikes, just like we did with the original Douchebag ski bag. Whether you’re a world-class road cyclist or a rad downhill monster, you understand the struggles of travelling with your beloved machine. Our goal is to make that process more efficient, simpler and more convenient.

Db Brussel Low Res 1 12
Team Sky Mechanic Center, Brussels
...these bikes are fine-tuned down to the very last millimeter and the most integral piece of performance technology, makes it, we’ll have to admit, nothing less than the ultimate bag challenge.

            Working alongside our ambassadors at Team Sky, The Athertons, Canyon / Sram team and many more of the biggest names within  biking, we have done, and are still doing, extensive research and testing to perfect the bags. We are not done yet, but we are very close and will, therefore,  make sure to deliver the best bike bags.

Story Sketch
First sketches were made 2015, Oslo

Become a Beta Tester

Would you like to become a beta tester together with Team Sky and many other of our athletes? Please send us a few lines with following info:

- Why you want to become a beta tester
- Your experience as a biker
- Name and contact info
Send it to

Happy travels, 

Team Db

Db Brussel Low Res 1 9
First bags rolling out of the mechanic center in Brussels, February 2017