Casey Veggies

November 15, 2016 by Kyle Meyr

Since releasing his first mixtape, the Los Angeles-based musician has firmly planted his foot in the hip-hop scene, streaming in the tens of millions and touring the world. “I put out my first mixtape at 14 and I just fell in love with it,” says Casey. “And the rest was history.

Since scribbling lyrics in a notebook in class, Casey has amounted an empire of fans and claims to fame. He’s signed with Epic Records (along with Outkast and Michael Jackson), toured internationally and founded the apparel/lifestyle brand Peas & Carats Intl. Now Casey joins the Db team as an ambassador and creator of an exclusive line of bags flourishing his signature camouflage design.

“It’s a blessing to get to travel with my music,” says Casey. “It’s a great opportunity to see the world and experience different things and different walks of life.” Casey’s constant travelling demands the best in travel equipment. “That’s why I love Douchebags; it’s the perfect combination of quality, design and space.”

Camo 1

Since joining the team, we have been working together closely to create a new look to a proven design. “It’s an amazing collaboration. We incorporated our design, with Peas & Carats, and we just kinda slapped it onto the Douchebag design.” The bags bear the recognizable camo Peas & Carats design, a flashy and proud alternative to the current Db Line

The Casey Veggies line of Douchebags is available now on!