The Limited
Friends and Family edition

We made this exclusive edition as a tribute to all the ones that have been a part of our journey from the start. From mom and dad to all our followers. We wanted to tie in a new material together with our roots and came up with this new PU leather and contemporary design.

“I gather inspiration from all over the world, it doesn’t matter if it’s a city bike or a pair of sneakers.”
- Jon Olsson


Jon Olsson

Skier, vlogger, car-enthusiast, product designer and co-founder of Douchebags; Jon Olsson lives his life to extremes. With nine X Games medals, more than ten film appearances and countless other freeski accolades under his belt, his name is cemented into the freeskiing hall-of-fame. 

Jon now resides in Monaco, playing as hard as he works and shares every step of the way through social media and his vlog. His latest project we saw him once again bring life to a car, this time, Pheonix the unique R6+.


Behind the shoot

Trying to nail Jon somewhere in the world and get our best photographer to come to that pin at the same time isn’t always the easiest.Jon never stays put for more than 24 hours. But with a skiing trip to Japan planed everyone saw the perfect spot to shoot our most exclusive edition by far, Tokyo. Neon signs along with concrete, perfect for the grey and orange street style.

We also had the chance to get an update on Jons life:

Where are you heading next?
Im heading to Stockholm for some meetings and then straight to Sri Lanka for some sun and surf. Tying to combine that with renovating a house and planning a wedding.

How come you have such an interest for product development ?
I like the challenge in improving stuff, finding new solutions and tweak whatever it is to the better. To be able to see the product go from sketch to be able to hold it for the first time is amazing.

Whats goes through your mind when developing a new bag? 
Since Im traveling 300 days a year and already slept in 32 different beds in 2018 I would like to call myself an expert when it comes to packing and traveling. Therefor I ask myself and look into my own needs, "what could make this easier and quicker. Does this bag have everything I want in a bag when it comes to functionality. I get inspired by all sorts of details and design and try to put it all together in the perfect backpack "


If you weren't lucky enough to get your hands on one of these bags, don't worry. There are always new and exciting stuff coming up...