Top 3

Janni Olsson Delér, designer & social media influencer with one of the biggest fashion and travel blogs in Sweden, has created a collection together with us at Douchebags.

As the designer of the collection she has selected her top three favourites about the collection:

The Color Combination

I like wearing colourful clothes and these bags fit nicely with all colors. It's always fun with unique pieces and after spending countless days at airports I cannot say that I've seen anything like these bags before.

The Hook-Up System

My favourite detail is the hookup system - genius!
Especially when I am at the airport by myself and have two bags to carry, but at the same time want a coffee - then I just hook on one bag to the other and I have one hand free to enjoy my coffee.  I have never been able to do that with any other brand.

The Petite

The Petite is something really special to me since I’ve created it from scratch. Mini backpacks are really a thing now, but I feel like many of the expensive designer backpacks are not as useful as they are stylish. What I really love about the Petite is the big zipper opening and the pockets - practical with style.