GoPro Bomb Squad - Traveling by human flight

November 25, 2015 by Mette Schjelderup

Now this squad is surely something else. Neil Amonson, Jesse Hall, Marshall Miller and JT Holmes – Four guys who have teamed up in perfecting their skills in the art of human flight.

Combined, the four of them cover skydiving, base jumping, wingsuiting, paragliding, speedflying, big mountain skiing and ski base jumping. And finally, the combination of skiing and wingsuiting. Because why not?

Together they travel the world with their GoPro cameras, capturing epic flights and unforgettable moments on film. We caught up with Neil to hear more about what this unique squad is up to.

"We know we’re really lucky. I mean, our job is to do what we love. So we can definitely say that we have the dream job. But we’re trying not to be total brats about it, haha!"

For the record, we can confirm that none of the squad members are being bratty about what they do for a living. While being out on the road, they’re not a very hard squad to notice though – four people with matching luggage tend to stand out from a crowd.

“Usually someone comes up to us and recognizes the brand name on our travel gear, and then we have a good laugh.”

However, we all know that traveling is not always only smiles and laughter. Being constantly on the move also involves a lot of planning and logistics. And when you've been traveling as much as these guys have, while bringing all your necessary gear, you tend to become rather pro at packing smart.

"I just got back from a trip, and the Big Bastard is the perfect size for me to fit two skydiving parachutes, a wingsuit, a pair of jumping shoes, a few GoPros and my helmet. It puts everything right at 70 lbs which is the limit we can travel with anyways. So nice to have bags that are the perfect size to carry everything you need and nothing you don't."

Even though the squad is more or less constantly out traveling – combining GoPro work with various personal projects, films, competitions, attaining their pilot licenses or instructor certifications and so on – they all love returning to their home base in Salt Lake City, Utah.

"The best part about traveling is coming home. However, I can't stay home for too long at a time. I get restless and I need to get back out there."

Needless to say, they all share an immense love for nature and the environment. After all, nature is not only their passion and playground, it’s also their living. No matter how many mountains, valleys or forests they've seen from the air, the spectacular views keep taking their breath away.

As we speak, Neil is in Portland, Oregon, getting done the last hours in the air to finalize his pilot license.

“I’d really love to have a small airplane to go visit my friends for the weekend. And I want to go on adventures! I could bring friends and we could go places. I respect that not all people want to jump out of an airplane, but everyone loves a good adventure.”

Well, we couldn't agree more. Follow the adventures of the squad on Instagram @goprobombsquad.