Checking in for the summer?

Make this years vacation effortless

The destination itself isn't the only part of journey, the travel there is just as important.
Let us at Douchebags help you make your summer travels smooth with style.

The Little Bastard x The Hugger

Big enough to carry bulky gear, yet small enough to stroll around effortlessly, The Little Bastard 60L is perfect for the long travels.

Hooked up with the IATA approved carry-on backpack, The Hugger 30L, you’ve got your perfect vacay-couple.  Featuring a separate top compartment and padded laptop sleeve, this carry-on gets you through airport security in no time. 

The Vain

This wash bag will redefine any travel portfolio. Guarantees organized and stress-free travels while packing and unpacking. 

The Voyager

Last, but not least, don't forget that your passport is your ticket to the world.  Spoil it with a PU Leather cover to keep it protected for any adventure. Store it in the top pocket of your Hugger 30L for quick access at the airport or hotel check-in.  

Happy Travels!

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