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The Athertons

Atherton Racing grew organically as Dan, Gee and Rachel began to enjoy race success, first emerging as you might recognise it today around 2003. In 2006 Team Director Dan Brown arrived to take things to the next level. Together they established a race team which would keep the Athertons together as a family, training and racing together and running things the way they wanted, despite many more lucrative offers for the riders to go their separate ways…

Since then the team has kept growing...

Year round Team Director Dan Brown, Head of Communications Gill Harris and Head Technician Joe Krejbich are based at Athy HQ with Strength and Conditioning Coach Nick Grantham calling by to administer training programmes. During race season Road Manager Tom Lloyd, Gee’s mechanic Pete Michaliszyn (Polish Pete), Chef Timmy Morris of Podium Catering and Physio Fiona rejoin the team. This year we have two new faces, mechanic Marek Ufnal and Videographer TJ Smith. 

Everything we do is focused on being 100% ready for the World Cups. Even when the riders are resting they are resting for a reason, and the support team is working all year around to guarantee the team is ready when the World Tour starts. The “off season is a chance to catch up with everything that got a little neglected while we were racing and to prepare for the season to come!

The difference between travelling and travelling well is efficiency, with so many travel days on my schedule I want it to be a smooth operation. Good quality and light weight bags make all the difference..."
- Gee Atherton


And it has proven to be a recipe of success.

44 World Cup wins and counting! On top of that Rachel has won the overall World Championships five times, Gee two times and there are 17 National Championship titels won to date.

One day that always will be remembered is Andorra 2008 when Dan, Gee and Rachel all won their respective World Cups on the same day  – big party that night!

Not only is it a lot of time spent on preparations and practise. A lot of stuff goes into traveling for the world cups as well. 

Not only is it a lot of time spent on preparations and practise. A lot of stuff goes into traveling to the world cup events as well. 
Within Europe we take our race-truck, complete with living quarters so we literally bring the kitchen sink! And a pits set up measuring 150 sqm with work stations for 3 mechanics, chill out area, massage table and exercise space, feed station and most importantly the coffee machine! If we are flying long haul we’ll still have bikes, spares, physio and medical supplies, race kit…our excess baggage charges are eye –watering!

"Traveling with Douchebags has transformed the whole experience."

The Savage bike bag is so tough – it has a roll cage which means an end to a lot of worry about packing our race bikes! We were quite involved with the design process so its perfect for our needs. The hook up system between the Big and Little Bastards and the Bases has been an airport lifesaver and the fact that all the luggage is so durable has been rad – inevitably with us they get dragged across a lot of terrain!

The Athertons have a very exciting season ahead. Our home round of the World Cup is next weekend at Fort William and the entire team are totally fired up for it. Then straight on to Leogang and into the rest of the season – we’re hungry for the wins! 

"Everyone is 110% committed to what we do, through struggles and celebrations,
all of us are in it together."
- Gill Harris

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