Douchebags Warranty

We strive to create the best travel gear possible. However, we are all human, and errors may occur. We are sorry that you've had to come to this page but by entering detailed information below we'll be able to help you much quicker.

Enter your order number and the email you used to place the order with us. It's important that you use the same email you used to place the order. This is for us to find the order. You can change this email later if you want to.

Didn't buy your product at the Db web shop? Please contact the local retailer where the original purchase was conducted.

This is the address you used when you placed your original order. Please update the address if something has changed in your life.
Select the products that you have an issue with and provide a detailed description of what's wrong.
Let us know if the damage happened during transit on a flight.
Please upload the three following photos.
One overview photo so we can se where on the bag the damage has occurred.
One close-up photo so that we can study the damage.
On photo of the QC nr found on the back of the inside wash label. ?
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By submitting the request you promise that the information you've given is truthful and so on.